Finally, A Way To Meet the People You Should Know

Expand is the bias-free, double opt-in, networking space for finding collaborators, partners, mentors, friends, candidates, careers, and more.

Why now?

Meeting the right people is important and fun, and yet it's never been harder to create new connections given the current state of the world.

Expand is a networking 'game' that creates new connections while protecting everyone's privacy and time.

Create serendipity, strategically.

Meet people, without wasting your time.

On Expand, people describe themselves without revealing their identity.

Only after two people agree to meet, based on semi-anonymous descriptions, they get connected for a call and have their identities revealed to one another.

Build face-to-face relationships instead of endlessly browsing feeds.

Join to create relationships on a foundation of kindness, mutual value creation, understanding, and constructive civility. These values guide everything we do.